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DUO Twin filter Half Mask
Product code: SPAS-102000000

DUO is a professional, durable and decontaminable facepiece ideal for handling dangerous chemical substances, toxic gases, solvents and dusts and for spray painting.

DUO is suitable for use in chemical and pharmaceutical companies, in agriculture and in ore milling.

DUO must be used in combination with its own snap-in cartridges Spasciani series 2000.

Filtering cartridges can moreover hold special pre-filters that preserve the particle filter element from a too fast clogging up when used in particularly dusty environments.

Limitations for use
Filter respirators cannot be used in environments where the oxygen content of the air is less than 17% in volume. DUO Halfmask can only be used in conjunction with Spasciani filter cartridges series 2000. Please refer to the relevant notice for more information.
Declaration of Conformity - DUO Declaration of Conformity Download
Data sheet - DUO Data sheet Download

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