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New OxyPro Grinder Standard set
Product code: ZX6L793C-f

The OxyPro Grinder Standard set contains:
- 1 pc. - Oxyline OxyPro X6 double-filter respirator - 1 pair.
- 1 pair - Oxyline OxyPRo X793C P3 R reusable capsule filter with non-woven activated carbon layer

- for grinding work,
- for grinding work including protection against hot particles that can damage the fleece
- as with any dust kit, can also be used in pharmaceutical or powder production applications

Reference code:
- ZX6S793C-f - mask size S
- ZX6M793C-f - mask size M
- ZX6L793C-f - mask size L
Instruction - instrukcja filtry i pochłaniacze Instruction Download
Instruction - X6 Instruction Download
Data sheet - X793C P3 R Data sheet Download
Data sheet - X6 Data sheet Download
Declaration of Conformity - X6 Declaration of Conformity Download
Declaration of Conformity - X793C P3 R Declaration of Conformity Download

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