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Oxyline OxyPro X70926 ABEK1 P3 R D cartridge filter, bayonet

Product code: OXY-X70926ABEK1P3RD

Combined filter X70926 ABEK1P3 R D is a reusable product for double-filter respirators. Combined filter X70926 ABEK1P3 R D with a bayonet connector protects against organic vapours and gases with a boiling point above 65°C (brown), inorganic vapours and gases, with the exception of carbon monoxide (grey), sulphur dioxide and acid vapours and gases (yellow), ammonia and ammonia derivatives (green) at a concentration not exceeding 0.1% by volume in air, as well as against dust, smoke and mist.

Restrictions and storage
Do not use in an environment where the oxygen concentration is less than 19.5% and in the presence of unknown gases. Store in the original packaging, together with the instructions, without the purification elements connected, at a temperature from -20°C to +30°C and humidity RH<80%. Protect from direct sunlight.

Compiles with EN 14387
Katalog - Respiratory protection anti gas products Katalog Download
Data sheet - X70926ABEK1P3RD Data sheet Download
Declaration of Conformity - X70926ABEK1P3RD Declaration of Conformity Download
Instruction - instrukcja filtry i pochłaniacze Instruction Download

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