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Individual Set of Chemical Protection IZOC-3
Product code: IZOC003

Individual set of chemical protection IZOC-3 ULTRA PLUS was created in order to protect those who work with the use of chemicals. It is addressed, among others, to agricultural, horticultural and forestry workers, where the direct and indirect contact with the chemicals can use health hazards. Also recommended for disinfection, pest control and disinfestation. It protects the respiratory tracts, eyes hands and skin from the harmful effects within the standards mentioned for the individual components of the set. Ready for professional challenges.

The set includes:
+ coverall type 3, 4
+ anti-gas full-face mask with ABEK1 filter
+ nitrile protective gloves, long - 2 pair

+ A comprehensive solution for Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry during the chemical work
+ Protects against organic and inorganic mists, vapors and gases
+ A wide range of sizes increasing work comfort, easy and convenient to use
+ Easy to transport and store - low weight and small size of a set
+ Additional security in the suit: seams sewn and glued with tape for extra protection against liquids, and double-sized zipper sized with flap
+ Long expiration date - 5 years from date of manufacture

+ EN 340:2003
+ EN 13034:2005 (Typ 4)
+ EN 14605:2005 (Typ 3)
+ EN 1149-5:2008

Protective half mask:
+ PN-EN 136:2001
+ EN 14387
+ EN 143

Nitrile gloves:
+ EN 420:2003+A1:2009;
+ EN 421:2010;
+ EN 374:2003

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