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Fan TURBINE 170 can supply breathable air with two air flows depending on the filter connected.
It is powered by an electric micro-motor contained in a plastic and shockproof housing, two connectors for filters and a fitting for corrugated hose.
On the upper part there is an on/off button and four LED lights indicating: low battery alarm, fault alarm which indicates flow below 120 l/min, flow set to 130 l/min for combined filters and flow set at 170 l/min for particle filters.
The unit is equipped with an acoustic alarm that is turned on when the flow drops below 120 l/min.
Besides the low flow rate alarm, when the battery is exhausting and before the air feeding is automatically stopped, an intermittent luminous and acoustic signal alerts the operator to leave the polluted area.
The fan comes with carrying belt and soft pad for a comfortable wearing.
The battery pack may be externally charged by means of a coaxial jack allowing the use of a spare battery thus prolonging the usage of the product.
Duration of the battery is about 7 hours with combined filters (130 l/min) and about 9 hours with particle filters (170 l/min).
For the correct use of the fan the purchasing of the relevant battery charger is necessary. The charger is not a component of the Respiratory Protection Device. It has to be ordered separately.
Data sheet - Turbina 170 Data sheet Download

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