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Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EEBD) FUGE
Product code: SPAS-403030000

FUGE is a Self Contained Breathing Apparatus designed for escape (Emergency Escape Breathing Device) that in case of emergency supplies, on demand, delivers an air flow for a minimum guaranteed time of 15 minutes. It is meant to be used in all environments where dangerous situations may occur due to fire fumes or lack of oxygen.

FUGE adds the highest degree of safety and comfort to the astonishing field of vision of SPASCIANI TR 2002 BN mask which is part of it.

FUGE is fitted with an automatic demand valve which keeps a positive pressure in the mask thus avoiding any possible inward leakage of contaminated air from the outside. Should it be necessary, the positive pressure mode can be manually activated by acting on the special button that acts as a supplementary air command, too.
Declaration of Conformity - FUGE Declaration of Conformity Download
Data sheet - FUGE Data sheet Download

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