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FULL FACE MASK 731-S Silicon
Product code: CLX731S

ApplicationsIdeal for working in polluted environments with an oxygen content in the air of more than 19,5%. The mask is compatible with gas, dust and combined lters with a standard connection thread that complies with regulation EN 148/1.

The body of the mask is made of injected silicone rubber. There are ve anchorage points to attach the clamp.

Inner Mask
This is in the interior of the mask’sbody. It is made of thermoplastic rubber and tted with two inhalation valves.

The mask has a lter connector with a thread that complies with the UN EN 148/1:1999 regulation.

Transparent panoramic visor made of polycarbonate with an organic covering to protect it from scratching. Wide eld of view.

Made of natural rubber with ve anchorage points.

Carry strap
Neck band made of re resistant PVC to hold the mask when it is not in use.

Protection against statit electricity

To use in a potentially explosive atmpospheres (ATEX)
Declaration of Conformity - 731-S Declaration of Conformity Download
Data sheet - 731-S Data sheet Download

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