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Reusable silcone Half Mask OXYLINE X1000
Product code: OXY-X1000

OXYLINE X1000 is a professional, durable and lightweight half mask.
The OXYLINE X1000 half mask consists of the facepiece, two inhalation valves with bayonet special connectors, hereinafter referred to as bayonet connectors, that enable the installation of filter elements, exhalation valve and headharness. Thanks to a soft silicone body, modern design, lightness and simplicity of construction as well as the best quality European materials from which it was made is ideal for handling with dangerous chemical substances, toxic gases, solvents and dusts and for spray painting.
The half mask combined with suitable combined filters or filter element kits is an item of respiratory protective equipment used for protection against harmful substances present in air in the form of vapours and gases and solid or liquid aerosols. Flat filters may be combined with absorbers of the 1000 series using added icated flexible ring. Two-sided filters of the 1000 series have a connection compatible with the top connection of 1000- series gas filters.
Declaration of Conformity - OXYLINE X1000 Declaration of Conformity Download
Katalog - Respiratory protection anti gas products Katalog Download
Instruction - OXYLINE X1000 Instruction Download
Data sheet - OXYLINE X1000 Data sheet Download

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