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Full face mask TR82 in silicone
Product code: SPAS-112250000

Full Face Mask, Negative Pressure, with threaded connector to EN 148-1 made of:
- Moulded face blank
- Visor, panoramic and wide visibility
- Group that holds in one single body the connection for the filter or respirator, the exhale membranes, the inhalation membrane and the speech device.
- Inner nose cup
- Head harness, five arms
- Neck strap

The mask can be used with negative pressure devices provided with the same threaded connector to EN 148-1 uch as filters, air lines AC190, etc.

Face Blank: Silicone
Visor: Safety glass
Head harness: EPDM
Nose Cup: TPE
Neck strap: PVC
Declaration of Conformity - TR 82 Declaration of Conformity Download
Data sheet - TR 82 Data sheet Download

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